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  1. Bookstore
    Preview Book Here! Shipping inside United States only! During the pandemic, Hippie Chick Apiary has been working on a special project to inspire the next generation of Bee Keepers. Henry Meets a Honey Bee is a 30 page children’s book that uses bright colors, age appropriate art, and fictional...
  2. For Sale
    Hello Everyone, I won't get into too many details but I am no longer able to manage and properly take the time to be a beekeeper thanks to a new job, relocation, and new born. These numbers are about 98% accurate. I am looking to move everything as I do not have time to meet people to part...
  3. For Sale
    Greetings, All! Gold Star Honeybees has 3# packages of gorgeous treatment-free "mutt" bees - a hardy mix of Italian, Carniolan, and Russian. Shipped insured to the lower 48 US. Review our Bee order policies here: We make it easy to order online and we've got 6 ship dates available for 2020...
  4. For Sale
    3LB packages w/ mated queen $115.00 pickup Marysville,Ohio $150.00 with shipping USA zones 1 thru 4 USPS available starting first Sunday in April thru first Sunday in May visit for more info and to place your order bulk discounts available in shopping cart Josh Combs...
  5. For Sale
    200 Nucs For Sale in Clinton, Michigan on 06-05-19. $135.00 Five frames of bees 3+ frames of brood 2 frames honey and pollen. Please call Jacob at +1 (517) 902-3200 to place You order. More available in Florida 06-01-19 to 10-01-19 For bigger orders please call Alex at 4078601065
  6. For Sale
    3LB packages $110.00 pickup Marysville, Ohio $145.00 with shipping thru zone 4 USPS available April and May visit for more info and to place your order Josh combs
  7. Equipment/Hardware
    I'm just gonna put this right here. Hope it answers some of your insightful questions HONEYCOMB 3X FOLD-HIVE
  8. Bee Forum
    2nd year Mason beekeeper here. A late frost seemed to kill/drive off our Mason bees and I noticed what looked like several honey bees flying in and out of tubes today. More Mason's are on their way but has anyone else encountered this? Will they cohabitate? If not, how should I get rid of them?
  9. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Do you distribute a flyer in your area? Please share!
  10. Bee Forum
    SO! I am a 20 chef in the Cayman Islands (only 1 of 2 beekeepers on the island.) The restaurant I work at is a sustainable restaurant and we have a decent amount of grounds with plenty flowering, fruiting plants and veggies. One of these areas is the greenhouse/courtyard. I will try to add...
  11. Bee Forum
    I was talking to an older gentleman yesterday about bees and he was telling me that one of the reasons that bee's are having such problems is because of cell phones. Something to do with radiation messing with their sense of direction. Since I'm a newbeek, who's bee's are due to arrive in...
  12. Bee Forum
    Hi, I work in a lab that investigates the microorganisms that live in the digestive systems of bees. We are looking for beekeepers who would like to donate a few specimens to our study. Very little is understood about these microbes and their function in the bee gut. Your participation could...
  13. Bee Forum
    Recieved a mystery honey gift from my nuc supplier, (broodhead, When he hinted it was flowery, I was bragging that I could guess the varietal. His neighbors have a large planting of viburnum vine. Never would have guessed, not in the internet nectar sources of...
1-13 of 13 Results