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  1. For Sale
    For Sale: 250 - 2 story deeps with bottom boards, 10 frame boxes on 4-way pallets, 600 Deep Boxes w/drawn comb, 400 Deep Boxes w/foundation, 2014 Ford F450 12' Bed, 1600 Swinger Forklift. Available after CA Pollination if you want them before hand we can talk. Will sell separately, but bees have...
  2. Bee Forum
    After removing frames from supers to get the the next super for inspection or removing honey how long takes it take for the hive residents to get back to their normal work day? Has a study ever been done? Due to me being unable to lift a super full of frames every time i go into the hive I must...
  3. Equipment/Hardware
    I got the plans for building my own frames from the build it yourself part of this website.I am an exp. woodworker,but i am perplexed,the end bars are 3/8in thick which doesn't leave much room for screws thru the top bar or nails thru the sides,my question is ...can someone tell me how their...
1-3 of 3 Results