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  1. Building Hive Bodies Video

    Building Hives from Scratch. Join Jake and Dan in the woodshop as they start with lumber and transform them into hive bodies :D Entertaining and mildly informative. The perfect mix!
  2. How to remove bees/comb from felled tree?

    Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    We got a call yesterday from someone who had a tree cut down. There were bees in 2 sections. We collected both chunks of the tree trunk that had bees. Don't know which one has the queen (if there still is one). How can we get the bees and comb safely into a hive box? Thanks
  3. Hive Beetle Memes

    Diseases and Pests
    Hey guys! I had to make memes about hive beetles for my ENG 471 class lol. So I'm posting them here! Let me know if you like them! :)
  4. Modified Hive

    Bee Forum
    Hi all! I'm a college student currently in an engineering design course, and for our semester-long design project, my group and I have decided to try to design a modified beehive that makes the process of collecting honey and monitoring bee health more efficient and convenient for commercial...
  5. Hello from Asheville North Carolina

    Welcome Forum
    Hey there I'm Isaac, straight to the point, I'm here to pick the minds of those who work with bees. I'm an inventor / tinkerer and have an idea that would allow beekeepers to keep Japanese giant hornets from invading hives. I wanted to try running my thoughts by those who are part of the...
  6. Swarm moved into empty hive with founationless frames! What should I do now?

    Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    I went on vacation for two weeks, came home, and a swarm moved into an unoccupied Langstroth hive, which contained 10 frames without foundation. I opened the hive and the bees are doing great, they are drawing comb like crazy, but everything is interconnected with cross comb. It appears that...
  7. 8 frame medium hive package installation question

    Bee Forum
    I’m going to establish an 8 frame all medium hive in early May in central Tennessee. I’ll be using a 3 lb package and will be installing on new wood frames with new wax foundation. My question is, should I install the package into one 8 frame medium, let them get established and then soon add...
  8. Newbie with hive that fell from rotten tree... advice needed!

    Bee Forum
    Hello, I'm very very green at all of this (had family that kept bees, but I've never done it myself). Probably the easiest way to explain the situation I'm in would be to watch this video I took: This tree had a hive in it for over a decade near my home. It partially collapsed early Sunday...
  9. 4 frame nuc

    For Sale
    I will have 4 frame nucs ready early April with 2018 laying queen. Queens in nuc will be carniolan. Bring your own equipment and I will reduce $10 each nuc. 1-49 $140 50+ $125 Call or email me for more information. Noel Tinoco 530 923-0942 [email protected]
  10. Captured swarm producing no brood

    Bee Forum
    I captured a swarm about 45 day ago. They appear to be doing well and are producing a lot of honey but, no brood to be seen. There is one problem, I let an area of 4 frames developed naturally into one clump and is very hard to inspect. The rest of the hive has frames with wax forms. I have...
  11. Introduce new colony to existing hive

    Hey guys, I have a new colony on the way but have a hive from last year with frames full of honey and everything else that my old colony was in. I did not harvest the honey from last year due to a few different reasons. Anyway... my question is can I introduce my new colony into the existing...
  12. Should I be concerned?

    Bee Forum
    I just did my first inspection on a swarm that I Hives a week ago tomorrow. Lots of nectar and pollen, almost 5 full frames in fact. Lots of bees going and coming as well, so that is awesome! However, I couldn't locate the queen and there were also no eggs. Should I be concerned? Thanks in advance!
  13. Kenyan Top Bar Design Advice

    Hello everyone! My name is Christopher and this is my first post on Beesource. I live on the south shore of Massachusetts, and my friend and I have decided to start our first beehive together. We've decided to go natural and use a Kenyan Top Bar hive. The hive is 24 bars long. Made it to...
  14. Nuc for sale $120

    For Sale
    I have 3 frame nucs most nucs are two frames of brood and one honey. The nuc has been treated for mite. The queens are carnoilan. They are availble now so if you have any questions feel free to give me a call. Noel Tinoco (530)923-0942 [email protected]
  15. Best way to kill workers from Nasty hive

    Bee Forum
    Have nasty hive. Always was. Was building swarm cells so I did a 3 way split in hopes the daughters will be better while I wait for my nice hive to get big enough to raise some queens for those hives. Daughters should be laying by now. Understand their temperament is unknown at this time...
  16. Bee Hive Lifts

    Where To Buy . . .
    Does anyone have a source of one man bee hive lifts that will allow you to pick up a whole hive stack or less? I have looked at one from Slovenia and Sweden, but the Slovenian Company does not sell in the USA. looks...
  17. Hive Management System

    Bee Forum
    I have programmed a Hive Management System and would like some users to log in and look around, give opinions, and test it out for bugs. Go to and click on Hive Management. Login as demo with password demo. Then look around and try things out and if you would like to...
  18. Beevital hive clean varroa

    Diseases and Pests
    Hello, I'm new on this forum and I wanna ask you for a feedback of Beevital hive clean for varroa threatments. Can someone who used it to provide me a feedback ? Thank youl
  19. Swarm Trap as overwinter hive box?

    Bee Forum
    I have caught a late season swarm in my trap that was left up in case one of my new two hives swarmed. This is an unrelated swarm as both hives never missed a beat and are still going strong. The problem is that do not currently have any additional equipment or funds to get any more boxes...
  20. What would happen if a colony were simply dumped in the wild?

    Bee Forum
    Hi there, I am writing a novel and the key component of the plot is the abandonment of a bee colony that had previously been kept by the main character. I am completely inexperienced and have recently begun to research beekeeping for the novel. So, what would happen to the bees if, after being...