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hive stand

  1. Equipment/Hardware
    Last year I had a hive stand break apart and almost collapse. This is one I had purchased. So this year I am making them from 2x4's instead of 1x's. Has anyone else had this issue with a hive stand or is currently using 2x4 hive stands?
  2. Bee Forum
    I've got two hives where the queen is laying in the super. In one of the hives she was also laying in the deep. The other one completely ignores the least for now. I've placed a queen excluder on one and ordered a queen excluder from the other. My question is the following....I...
  3. Bee Forum
    This is our new hive stand, I used two 4 x 6 pressure treated posts as upposed to the traditional 4- 4 x 4's, this way I can pass my mower deck under the 2 x 6 framing. I burried the 4 x 6's pretty deep around 2.5' so they will support the hives loaded with no problem...