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hive kits

  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I need to add 2 deep brood boxes for the 2 NUCS that I will pick up in May, How are the Mann Lake Hive Kit and Foundations that are currently on sale for $39? I could save $19 per box over the boxes. foundations and frames I purchased from another vendor? Drew
  2. For Sale
    ⭐️🐝🐝🐝 The Gold Star top bar hive comes in 4 versions: Deluxe - no woodworking necessary, assembly only. $495 DIY #2 - comes with all 30 top bars, the hardware, the construction plans. $325 DIY #1 - comes with the hardware - the antidote to "big box store syndrome". $75 Plans - Just the plans...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    i'm looking for the cheapest 8 frame hive kit with 2 deep and 3 medium supers. I looking for something under 150 dollars with free shipping because I saw that deal on ebay.