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  1. Photo/Video Gallery
    Wow! Our catnip is loaded with honey bees. They seem to like it a lot. Happy to see them enjoying. Here's a close up of one... Copper tops from Bee Well Honey in Pickens, SC.
  2. Welcome Forum
    Hello all! My name is Kelly Allen and I'm a student at Goddard College studying sustainability, permaculture, and beekeeping. I came across this website in my research and I'd love to talk to some folks about bees. I don't have any bees myself (yet) and I'm still green to the art, but I'd like...
  3. Welcome Forum
    Hi everyone! Newbie here- My name is Kathy, and I'm an older woman who has been wanting to get into bees for years, but our children were young and I was so busy! Now they are grown and I've decided it's a perfect time to study about them before I jump in. (Although I'm realizing I'll probably...
1-3 of 3 Results