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  1. Equipment/Hardware We are still in the beginning stages of beekeeping. By that I mean, we haven't even decided on what type of hive to get. We are planning on getting 4-5 hives. I want to get a hive that the bees will do good in but also...
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    We've built an inital prototype of a fancy garden hive. This is a medium super. We're thinking of having a deep hive body with a banner in the center for a name or farm name. What do you think of the design?
  3. Bee Forum
    moved to equipment....had in wrong forum.
  4. Consumer Report
    I have a friend who has several hives worth of BM's cypress Garden Hive boxes and they are all warped (or warping) badly. Perhaps more, or a better glue would have limited the bowing of the box ends, but the fact is that these boxes want to come apart... I'm certain that an non-glued...
1-4 of 4 Results