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  1. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Identification of Candidate Agents Active against N. ceranae Infection in Honey Bees: Establishment of a Medium Throughput Screening Assay Based on N. ceranae Infected Cultured Cells Many flowering plants in both natural ecosytems and agriculture are dependent on insect pollination for fruit set...
  2. Diseases and Pests
    Nosema ceranae Escapes Fumagillin Control in Honey Bees Fumagillin is the only antibiotic approved for control of nosema disease in honey bees and has been extensively used in United States apiculture for more than 50 years for control of Nosema apis. It is toxic to mammals and must be applied...
  3. Diseases and Pests
    Her's a well done video. It's clear, easy to hear and informative. Enjoy, Ernie
1-3 of 3 Results