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  1. Beekeeping 101
    4 hives- 2nd year beekeeping- One out of 4 hives is more protective during inspections so I built a Quiet Box to keep them calmer and to see if it made a difference. Watched YouTube videos by Billy Davis and built one out of a nuc box and scraps and painted the inside black. Did a full...
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    If you build your own boxes (not assemble boxes bought from other sources) what is the depth of the rabbet for the frame rest? What is the measurement from the top of a frame to the top of the box? I've looked in the build it yourself part of BS for the measurements. However, here it says to...
  3. Equipment/Hardware
    hello - i am a new beekeeper getting two packages in a few weeks. i am using all mediums and they didn't come with frame rest protectors (walter kelley). i am trying to figure out the best method for making them (flashing?) or if i should order them straight away. also, i am making pail...
1-3 of 3 Results