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  1. For Sale
    For Sale: 250 - 2 story deeps with bottom boards, 10 frame boxes on 4-way pallets, 600 Deep Boxes w/drawn comb, 400 Deep Boxes w/foundation, 2014 Ford F450 12' Bed, 1600 Swinger Forklift. Available after CA Pollination if you want them before hand we can talk. Will sell separately, but bees have...
  2. Welcome Forum
    Hello there! Just joined Beesource. Looking for an old Swiger or Hummerbee forklift but working. Can do some repairs if needed. If you want to sell one or know someone wants to sell and you are not planning to buy it. Please, let me know. Thank you and happy beekeeping!
  3. Equipment/Hardware
    Just ordered a new Hummer Bee Turbo. We already have a Swinger that is probably 10 years old. Just wondering about peoples opinions of Hummers vs Swingers. We also have an old Melroe Bobcat and a little New Holland. What do you guys use?
1-3 of 3 Results