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  1. Diseases and Pests
    HELP, I put Apistan (manhao-pro) strips in my hive. 79 degrees two strips flat on brood area as in directions. Within an hour hundreds of dead struggling bees 1-25 feet from front of hive. Is this normal? Many were drones but all were unable to fly they dying slowly.
  2. Diseases and Pests
    Dear all, Here in Mexico amitraz stripes are very expensive so I was looking for other options. Could you help out with the following questions? 1.- Would you recommend tau fluvalinate stripes? I found some in e bay. They are made in China and look a bit shady but was thinking on giving them a...
  3. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    The Status of Honey Bee Health in Italy: Results from the Nationwide Bee Monitoring Network In Italy a nation-wide monitoring network was established in 2009 in response to significant honey bee colony mortality reported during 2008. The network comprised of approximately 100 apiaries located...
  4. Bee Forum
    Four Common Pesticides, Their Mixtures and a Formulation Solvent in the Hive Environment Have High Oral Toxicity to Honey Bee Larvae Recently, the widespread distribution of pesticides detected in the hive has raised serious concerns about pesticide exposure on honey bee (Apis mellifera L.)...
  5. Diseases and Pests
    An Amino Acid Substitution (L925V) Associated with Resistance to Pyrethroids in Varroa destructor The Varroa mite, Varroa destructor, is an important pest of honeybees and has played a prominent role in the decline in bee colony numbers over recent years. Although pyrethroids such as...
  6. Bee Forum
    Field-Level Sublethal Effects of Approved Bee Hive Chemicals on Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L) In a study replicated across two states and two years, we tested the sublethal effects on honey bees of the miticides Apistan (tau fluvalinate) and Check Mite+ (coumaphos) and the wood preservative...
1-6 of 6 Results