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    Hey everyone. In the process of moving from Virginia to PA. I started beekeeping about 3 years ago. But when I had my bees in the past when living in VA, I was 2.5 hours away from them. It did not work out. So I bought a house in PA with a couple acres. I will have bees in my backyard now. I...
  2. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Hello everyone, I have 3 acres, all full sun (no shade). Out of those 3, I would like to plant various kinds of flowers that the bees like on 2 acres. I don’t like plants that are more than 2 feet tall. So up to a foot high, would be perfect. Some can be up to 2 feet if those variety of plants...
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    Here is a couple of news articles. Enjoy.
  4. Bee Forum
    Hello all, I'm new in beekeeping. I got 2 hives this year for the first time. I got an offer to move the bee hives to another property (please see Google image of new property). The land has a river passing though and decent size field, but also a pretty large forest. I know the field is a...
  5. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Looking to carry out some landscaping next year, any recommendations on what plants and flowers i should be planting
  6. Welcome Forum
    It's so great to join your forum. I'm working with a group researching pollen and nectar data out of Bristol Uni. Would love to chat with a few of you and hear your thoughts! Feel free to check out our project
  7. Bee Forum
    Watching bees return to the hive, especially in the morning before noon, I can see that they usually are carrying big pollen sacs with them, but those are few and come at random intervals (usually every 2-3 minutes). In the evening, when all the day's foragers are coming back for the night to...
  8. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Well, I responded in the for sale forum to a bee bee tree thread before I realized it...deleted that post when I realized it would be moderated and posted here. ;) Are these pictures of a bee bee tree? I've got several of these growing around the property. They look much similar to what I've...
  9. Coffee Klatch
    I've recently become interested in raising our own tobacco in our garden. My interest started when I heard my Dad telling us about how my great grandfather would grow it for pesticide use. They were so poor, they couldn't afford pesticide, so they grew tobacco. The other reason I am...
  10. Nectar & Pollen Plants Good tips on placement and varieties, etc.
  11. Bee Forum
    I am brand new to beekeeping and brand new to this forum. I've read a lot of posts covering every imaginable topic on this site and it looks like a terrific forum with very helpful members. In addition, I'm reading lots of books and subscribe to Bee Culture magazine. My wife and I just...