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    The weather has been great here until last night when it dropped to 32F. Imagine that, we were to pick up our package today. By the time we got to the pick up site, it had warmed to 39F. The bees were huddled really tight in the package. By the time our 2 hour drive home in the car was done they...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    When I installed my 2 packages I filled the top feeders, about 2 weeks ago. 1 week ago I added 1 gallon of 1:1 at the first hive inspection to each feeder, just to top them off. I plan on doing the second inspection this Sunday. There were a few dead bees, not too bad really. I intend to keep...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    I installed a package for the first time 3 days ago. When i looked in the queen cage the queen was curled up but was moving, I installed figuring they might be feeding her or something. I came back 2 days later and the queen was dead and not released yet. i brought the queen cage inside and...
1-3 of 3 Results