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  1. Products of The Hive
    Help needed please. We teach Encaustic art workshops in Australia. (Painting with Beeswax medium and oil pigment) Slightly yellow wax with a small amount of pollen is ok for making coloured paint. But for white paint or collage work we need perfectly white wax that sets clear. I have been...
  2. Products of The Hive
    Hi, in order to filter beeswax I use a large pot filled with water (2 inches aprox) and bulk beeswax over an electric stove, do not let the temperature elevates more than 185F, then thru the spigot pass it thru a very fine filter and I get this as a result (see picture). I use the same method...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    My main question I suppose is: HOW DO I DO IT WITHOUT A CENTRIFUGE? I should add that I am a rising beek with knowledge, but not the budget. All I will have are the basic tools of the hive, and some household items. If possible, what methods are there? (Lots of input and explanation is...
1-3 of 3 Results