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  1. Trash pump for feeding bees

    The setup isn't that expensive and many like myself in the past have wondered how these things are put together. There are many ways to do it but this is how I run mine.
  2. Feeding with/without a honey super on

    All other areas
    Hello all, I'm looking at keeping a honey super on my double deep hive bodies, which I did last year for the first time and it worked well. But would like advice on procedure for feeding 2-1 sugar syrup to help pack the hives with the super on? or if I should remove it during feeding. I'd...
  3. Single Deep Brood Chamber

    I am in my second year of trying to manage my hives in single deep brood chambers. One of the challenges that I have noticed is trying to feed them. Because of my lifestyle and storage ability, I would like to use internal hive feeders and just leave them inside the hive all year round. The...
  4. To feed or not to feed...(that is my question)

    Bee Forum
    I've got (2) hives, side by side that I started from nucs in April. Both fairly large now. One hive has at least one super of mostly capped honey. This being their first year, I have no intentions of robbing, but will monitor after the fall flow to see if they need to be fed. The other hive...
  5. Cardboard Nuc feeder help

    What are you all using for feeders in cardboard nucs? I don't want to use Boardman (robbing risk) or in hive type that takes room from the growing bees. i do community feed as well but I don't think the sound nuc with few foragers is able to get much feed that way. I'm considering using the...
  6. Nucs not taking feed

    Bee Forum
    I have 4 nucs I started later than usual-first week of July. The queens are laying , everything looks good and I’ve been feeding them right along. Trouble is, they’re not storing anything much. My bigger hives are sucking up the syrup and packing it away but these nucs are just barely using the...
  7. How much honey do we leave for overwintering SE TX?

    We are in SE Texas. New to beekeeping, have had 3 hives for a little over a 1/2 year now. We have not harvested yet, but have some full deeps and then some. Can you tell us... is there a formula, if you will, for knowing how much honey to leave for the hive overwinter so we don't need to feed Is...
  8. Starting to Beard?

    Bee Forum
    I need some advice on multiple things here: I noticed this morning our hives are doing this (see pic). The weather is very humid, about 70 degrees. We still have goldenrod out so have not harvested honey yet. I am not sure why they are bearding like this. Now to the hives: The right 2 hives...
  9. Video of my bees feeding on sugar syrup - 4 x slow motion

    Photo/Video Gallery
    I've been messing around with the editing tools on youtube. Pretty neat. This one is slowed down to 1/4 speed. It still looks like normal speed because they move so fast. The best part is the audio. Bird sounds become very strange and bee wings sound deeper. Turn up the volume. Hope you enjoy...
  10. Construction slow down ( need advise)

    Hello all, I made some splits and added mated queens to two of them around July 1st and captured 2 swarms that have mated queens back from mating around July 8th, all 4 hives are doing well. My issue is, I don't see any continual progress in comb build out. I've checked for the past two weeks...
  11. Low Production Question

    Beekeeping 101
    I have two new hives this year, and both did not produce much honey during this first nectar flow. I live in Ohio, so the flow ends late June (now). They only produced 3/4 of a super; nothing is even capped yet. I have questions on how to proceed... - My concern is Winter stores. During the...
  12. In hive or out of hive feeding

    Bee Forum
    I've heard before that bees will collect syrup that is feed out of hive faster. The given reason was because the bees see that syrup fed in the hive is already theirs, they can use it at their leisure, so are less inclined to put it in cells, opposed to out of hive feed where they need to move...
  13. Spraying Bee's w/ Syrup During Installation in Cold Weather

    Beekeeping 101
    Hi, I will be installing my very first package of bees on Monday. The temperature forecast for that day is a hight of 62F and a low of 41F. In all of the installation videos I have watched, they spray the bees with 1:1 Syrup (+ I am using Pro Health oil with it). 1. Will the temps be a...
  14. Jar feeder and inner cover

    Beekeeping 101
    Hi all, beginning beekeeper here. I am preparing to receive a nuc in April and will be using a mason jar feeder on top of the inner cover. Which way should my inner cover be placed, notch up or down? There seems to be several different schools of thought on this. Secondly, I was considering...
  15. Can sugar bricks go on too early?

    Bee Forum
    I'm wondering if giving hives some insurance sugar bricks right now on top of top deep could cause the bees to go up to the top of the hive too soon. One hive is going into our MA winter a little light (103lbs) others are pretty good- 130-150lbs. Does it matter when or should I wait until January?
  16. Going into Winter

    Bee Forum
    I have 2 hives with screen bottom boards and 2 deep boxes (a brood box and a super as I consider them). I also put top feeder and will feed them heavily until hives are heavy enough (about 60lb each, or as one beekeeper said "you should not be able to tilt it up easy"). Now, for going to...
  17. Feeding Crystallized Honey

    Bee Forum
    Hello All...I have done some cut outs this summer which each yielded quite a bit of crystallized honey. I saved the honeycomb putting it in the freezer thinking I would save it to feed my weaker hives this winter. I caught many swarms this year and some of the later summer catches could use a...
  18. A late swarm and a weak colony. Part 2: Preparing for winter. Are they doomed?

    Bee Forum
    Hello! Yesterday I moved a swarm from the trap to the new hive. Since this was a late swarm it had a lot of bee but very little comb, brood and almost no honey. I also have a colony which isn't building much. They're not eating much either. It seem that this family simply doesn't have enough...
  19. Plastic top feeder. Lost, drowned bees, uneven consumption

    Bee Forum
    Good day! I have 2 of these: Installed last Wednesday on 2 8 framers. Today I looked at both of them. One has almost all of the syrup gone and bees crawling both under and on the screen. The ones on the screen seem to be...
  20. Feeding before winter

    Bee Forum
    This is my first year for bee keeping. I live in Alaska and am working on getting my hives ready for winter. I need some advice. We just get one harvest up here which happened last week. We had a great summer for the bees and now I need to feed them up for winter. I know it is best to...