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feed consumption

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    Dear all, as written in the title, why do we feed syrup when bees still have honey in brood chamber (at least two frames in the sides)? I don't understand why do we keep feeding and / or why do bees don't consume the stored honey (reserves) ? Have a great one. Cheers F.
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    Does anybody know how could I preserve longer sugar syrup inside the hive? I have around 50 hives and I'm in south Texas. The syrup becomes sour after a week during the hot months and have to get rid of that syrup and feed again. Sometimes the bees leave too much and it all goes down the drain...
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    I'm located in southeastern Virginia. This spring I started two packages of Italian bees. I started a little late (June 1st) and have fed them until early last week. Yesterday I got advice from another beekeeper to feed them through to fall. They are established, are drawing up comb well...
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    It's been three weeks since I did the cut-out from a water meter box. for two reasons this time I'm 95% sure I got the queen. I was able to get ALL he brood. Since there was empty comb at each end, I feel I have her. Since there is a large population now in my wired up top bar hive, I feel I...
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    The last few days my bees have just been sucking down the feed. I put 1/2 gallon of feed on all the hives yesterday...and its already gone! I'm guessing the increase in consumption is due to the rainy weather we've had for the past several days. Have others seen this sort of thing?