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  1. MAXANT 9-Frame "Transmission" gets hot and squeaks

    I've had a Maxant 9-frame extractor for several years now and am very satisfied with the product. However, I've been experiencing a disturbing problem. The motor runs cool as a cucumber. But the round "transmission" gets too hot to touch and is squeaking. Is it be greased or lubricated...
  2. I need recommendations for an extractor

    Bee Forum
    I am about to buy a used Maxant 30 frames honey extractor tomorrow for 2800$ Canadian dollars about 2100$ USD... It's 6 years old... I was wondering what you guys think of this price and if I should avoid it for any reason. Do they have a good reputation? I can't find any videos on this...
  3. Cowan 28 frame extraction line complete for sale

    For Sale
    I have a used Cowan 28 frame extraction line for sale. The line is like new and has only be used a couple of times. This line includes the extractor,silver queen uncapped,pump,auger,clarifier and maxant capping spinner. Look on Cowen’s Website at the 28 frame extractor system pic’s and you can...
  4. Honey extractor choices

    I am new to the hobby as of this spring. Like many of you here I have a love for bees and keeping them. I started with two hives and made splits to make 4 going into winter. I will most likely stay between 4-8 hives in total and I just got my brother-in-law and father-in-law into the hobby. They...
  5. Manual Honey Extractor

    For Sale
    Radial honey extractor Stainless Hand crank/ manual operation Asking $400 OBO Holds: 9 shallow frames OR 6 medium frames OR 3 deep frames (comes with wire rack holders to cradle deeps) Minimal use, clean and no damage Works very well and is well made Comes with: Brand New and very Sharp...
  6. Would like to buy electrnics to convert my extractor from manual to electronic

    Wanting to Buy
    New forum member. Would like to buy electronics to converter my 9 frame extractor(made in italy) to electronic at reasonable price. Brushey mtn price was reasonable Mann Lake price is not. Any suggestons where I can procure this. I will research the past forum threads to try to find whats...
  7. New to beekeeping, Litchfield CT USA

    Welcome Forum
    We inhereted a lot of equipment. Started 2 hives this spring that seem to be doing well Our knowledge base is quite limited Could use help finding a drain valve for an INOX extractor Thank you
  8. DIY Honey bottling bucket.

    Building a bottling bucket with my daughter Kathleen. Video is 3 minutes.
  9. Maxant 3100P speed control problem

    Hello, I have a Maxant 3100P extractor that no longer has variable speed control. When turning the speed control dial, it jumps to full speed right away, instead of gradually increasing speed. Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea what might be the cause? I'd like to repair this...
  10. How many frames in YOUR radial extractor

    I have been running a 12 frame extractor for... maybe two decades. I am just finishing up building a new (above ground) honey house. My Dad is suggesting I get a new stainless extractor. I have really come to love my old 12, which I painted with food approved clear epoxy paint. I can run 2 or...
  11. Maxant 3100-4F

    Am thinking of buying a Maxant 3100-4F hand cranked extractor but its just beyond my budget. Does anyone know where the cheapest place is to buy this on-line? Hopefully so that I can save on shipping costs and maybe tax. Live in NY 10573
  12. Bushy Mountain extractor

    Bee Forum
    Has anyone had any experance with the Brushy Mountain bee farm 21 Frm Deluxe Power Extractor? I am looking at this extractor and the Maxant 1400pl and have read several posts talking really positively about Maxant, so was looking for any input about the Bushy Mountain.
  13. Best Extractor for Hobbyist

    So apparently I am going to be getting funds for an extractor/bottling system for my birthday! I just don't know which one. I've never seen an extractor in action. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've looked about online, but since I've never used one I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I'm not...
  14. Cleaning an Older Model Dadant 12 frame extractor?

    I have an older steel model Dadant 12 frame extractor. This is my first year beekeeping and the Extractor I am assuming is from the 90's , it was passed down to me from my Great Aunt and Uncle who also kept bees. It has been in storage for some time. I cannot find any info on how to clean the...
  15. Recommended Extractor for 5 Hives?

    Leaning towards electric with about 3 frame capacity. Any model or spec recommendations are appreciated! (I'm getting between 6-10 supers of honey the last two years.) Michael (British Columbia, Canada)
  16. Does anyone have a Dadant Junior Bench extractor?

    Happy Thanksgiving! There is a Dadant Junior Bench extractor for sale locally for $200 dollars. Of course this is a two frame extractor, but seems to be very good quality (I think). I have 8 hives and last year had 180 medium frames to extract. I am able to borrow a 4 frame extractor from...
  17. extractor for small-time hobbyist

    Hi Everybody, I'm newly registered to the board but have been using it as a resource for a few years. I have two hives and have been borrowing a friend's manual 6-frame extractor once per year. I'm getting to the point where I sometimes want to extract a couple of times in the summer and my...
  18. Penrose replacement parts

    Looking at purchasing a used penrose uncapper was wondering if there was anywhere to get replacement parts for it or if it would be smart to keep looking for a different uncapper?
  19. Extractor Advice

    Beekeeping 101
    Just wondering what others are using for an extractor. Been doing my research, but with so many options and price differences was wondering what other small scale beekeepers recommend and are using and why you went with that make and model.
  20. cleaning the extractor

    It's that time here in Tennessee. And not a month too soon! Last spring we suffered through a four month long drought and consequently had no spring honey flow. We did have a nice late summer/autumn flow, but that belonged to the bees. This year is different, and we finally reached the point...