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  1. Moving on from Beekeeping in Eastern NC

    For Sale
    Hello Everyone, I won't get into too many details but I am no longer able to manage and properly take the time to be a beekeeper thanks to a new job, relocation, and new born. These numbers are about 98% accurate. I am looking to move everything as I do not have time to meet people to part...
  2. Extraction set up, what would you do differently?

    Commercial Beekeeping
    Hello all! I've been a beekeeper in Paris, France for four years now and head beekeeper at the company for two years. We run 650 (mostly urban) beehives and space is becoming an issue in our storage / extraction room. At the moment we've got a converted two car garage with a sink in one...
  3. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times- wisdom and folly from 2019

    Bee Forum
    I'd love to see a recap of 2019 from others. This is meant to be light hearted and fun way for us to share what happened. Here's my list- Best- 1) I learned how to buy bees. If you lose them you need to be good at buying them. Found high quality nucs and good queens from local stock...
  4. Mann Lake Failed Me - Best Premade Hive Box?

    I'm fairly new to beekeeping, but I do have three active hives. The local ag exemption requires 6. A guy getting out of the hobby gave me several hives/bodies/supers. I needed more so I bought from Mann Lake (via Amazon). But as soon as I opened them up I saw a problem that made me fill out a...
  5. Antique Equipment

    Hello all. I have searched high and low for information on these two pieces with no luck. I picked these two boards up at an antique store in Fallon, Nevada. The tag was simply labeled "Bee Boards." Can anyone provide information on these? Thanks in advance. [email protected]
  6. Wax melter for small commercial operation

    Hello forum! My husband and I run 600 hives and we're looking for a wax melter sized for this scale of operation. We don't currently have anything sufficient since we just increased our number of beehives significantly. Searching online, most options I have found are too small, and a few are...
  7. Equipment for sale

    Curious if there's anyone in the Fargo, ND or Moorhead, MN area that has equipment for sale.
  8. Wanted - equipment for wax dipping hive bodies

    Wanting to Buy
    Does anyone know where we can buy the equipment used for wax dipping hive bodies? We need something large enough for the club to use.
  9. 3 hives or 2 hives and nuc

    Beekeeping 101
    New to beekeeping and deciding on equipment lots of choices and valued opinions. I live in upstate NY zone 5b. I have on order 3 overwintered nucs from Vermont which are deeps. My main question, is it smarter to add them all to there hive bodies or to keep one a nuc and use it to help build...
  10. Electronic Hive Monitoring--Experiences?

    Hello forum readers, I currently am working with a team on a collaborative project to develop an electrical hive health monitoring system to increase awareness of honey-bee related health issues. Our project is currently being funded and further considered by Analog Devices, Inc., which is a...
  11. What size sump do I need for 600 hive operation with Cowen 60 frame extractor?

    As we're figuring out the different parts of the new system we're installing, the sump has us, well, stumped. We run 600 hives at present but plan to grow to 1,200 - 1,500 over the next five years. We're getting our own Cowen 60 frame extractor this year after using another beekeeper's...
  12. New Eqiupment

    I'm looking to become a beekeeper come next spring so I've started getting ready. I plan on it being a ten frame hive. Any comments or critiques are very welcome :). Here's what I'm going to buy: OHIO BEE BOX: Double Deep Hive Kit --135 (Should I get screened BB or solid? I live in North East)...
  13. New Beekeeper Looking for Equipment

    Wanting to Buy
    Hi, I'm starting a hive in April and am looking for some second-hand equipment that someone would want to sell. Things like a smoker (1), hive tool(2), suit/hood(2), maybe some frames. I live in San Francisco, and I'm willing to drive into the north bay, east bay or peninsula/south bay to pick...
  14. Where to buy Equipment???

    Where To Buy . . .
    I've been buying the majority of my bee supplies from Mann Lake for the past five years, but the last few times they have been nothing but miserable to deal with! They have messed up big orders, have not had basic things in stock when it's their slow season, and recently said it would take 3...
  15. New Langstroth Equipment Supplier in Birmingham, Alabama

    Bee Forum
    Hey All- We updated our website and included all of our langstroth equipment for sale. It is all made from cypress wood and really well made with finger joints. We will assemble and paint equipment for you if you would like. We have top bar equipment and some really great folding hive stands...
  16. My best zero-drowning feeder is also my simplest and cheapest.

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    After trying several sophisticated feeders I have settled on simply having a jar or bucket with some nylon screen hanging down into it for the bees to climb on. I never have drownings with these and they are super simple (and cheap) to make. I thought I'd share. I used to have screen going all...
  17. Assmbling Hives Bodies - Battery powered finish nailer or air powered Framing Nailer

    Hello, I've done searches on this subject and read so many posts on the subject of hive box assembly that my head is spinning. I've been using the hammer and 7d nail system up to now because it seems like all the hive bodies I've been buying from Brushy Mountain come with pre-drilled holes and...
  18. Shallow Super vs. Deep Super

    Hello! I'll be starting my first season of beekeeping here in a few months. Is it okay to have two deep supers instead of a deep super with a shallow super on top?
  19. Newbie Equipment/Hive Question

    I am just starting to look into beekeeping and I'm pretty sure I missed the time frame to order bees, so I'm focusing on equipment and taking classes. Is there a forum post with a list of equipment suppliers beeks swear by? Maybe listed by state. That would be very useful for newbies. If not...
  20. Would you send it back?

    So.... I splurged and purchased a Brushy Mountain bee tool box.. After being excited over the prospect of it having compartments for all basic tools, as well as doubling as frame holder, temporary bee...