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  1. Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)
    WHO IS COMING? Join EAS for the annual Short Course and Conferences which offers a week-long opportunity to hear from internationally known research scientists, extension apiculturists, apiary inspectors and beekeeping experts at every level. EAS begins Monday and Tuesday with the two-day...
  2. Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)
    EAS 2017 will be in Delaware, July 31 - August 4. Mark your calendars and schedule your time off from work! This will be Dewey Caron's 50th EAS Anniversary! Best to you and your bees, -Erin
  3. Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)
    I'm curious, how many of you will be coming up here this august for the conference?
  4. Country Rubes
    I have been chosen to be one of the two distributors for the Beetle Baffle and it's going to go on sale at our booth at EAS, August 5th. You can read about it at As soon as we get our delivery, which would be shortly after EAS, we will be selling them on our...
  5. Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)
    Registration is now open for EAS VT. You can do online registration or download a paper registration form and mail it in. I recommend making hotel reservations soon, because there is another big event going on at the...
  6. Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)
    EAS is now accepting registrations for this summer's conference in Warwick Ri.
  7. Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS)
    EAS is now accepting Registration for this summer's 2011 Conference in Warwick Ri.