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    Hi! First time beekeeper here! I got a package back on April 26th. My bees are acting lethargic, not many coming in and out, their uncapped cells look dry. Timeline: April 16th, installed, opened candy end of queen cage. April 20th, checked on queen, she was still trapped. They'd drawn out...
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    It's hot and dry here now. There are lots of weeds and prairie flowers that are blooming anyway. I was wondering if the nectar dries up quickly even if the flowers are blooming good? Also does the hot, dry weather affect the pollen? Thanks.
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    I found online that placing a block of salt outside will keep bees away from watchers. They are attracted to people because they use salt for curing honey, and on a hot summer day, any person will be placing it for grabs on the outside of their body. Do they really NEED salt? If so, how would...
1-3 of 3 Results