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  1. Scientific Studies / CCD / Neonics
    Butterfly Density and Behaviour in Uncut Hay Meadow Strips: Behavioural Ecological Consequences of an Agri-Environmental Scheme Sparing zones from mowing has been proposed, and applied, to improve local conditions for survival and reproduction of insects in hay meadows. However, little is known...
  2. Bee Forum
    Fire Promotes Pollinator Visitation: Implications for Ameliorating Declines of Pollination Services Pollinators serve critical roles for the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems, and have an estimated annual value of over $150 billion for global agriculture. Mounting evidence from agricultural...
  3. Bee Forum
    I am brand new to beekeeping and brand new to this forum. I've read a lot of posts covering every imaginable topic on this site and it looks like a terrific forum with very helpful members. In addition, I'm reading lots of books and subscribe to Bee Culture magazine. My wife and I just...
1-3 of 3 Results