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    I have been beekeeping for two years now and have two hives. My neighbor has a swimming pool and has been getting more and more upset that bees visit his pool (usually about 3-10 bees at a time). I have tried everything, I have a backyard pond with lots of floating water plants and a pebble...
  2. Bee Forum
    The Sound and the Fury—Bees Hiss when Expecting Danger Honey bees are important model systems for the investigation of learning and memory and for a better understanding of the neuronal basics of brain function. Honey bees also possess a rich repertoire of tones and sounds, from queen piping and...
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    High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Driven Discovery of Peptidic Danger Signals in Insect Immunity The ‘danger model’ is an alternative concept for immune response postulating that the immune system reacts to entities that do damage (danger associated molecular patterns, DAMP) and not only to...
1-3 of 3 Results