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  1. Commercial Beekeeping
    I think it's important to teach people how to use the honey they buy... so that they buy more of course. That's why we sponsored a cooking show! Every recipe includes honey! Watch the video here!
  2. Everything Honey
    My wife and I are trying to use less processed sugar in our diets. It is a multi-pronged approach, part of which is substitution of honey for white sugar when a sugar is "required" for a recipe. For example, there are some really nice brownies in the kitchen that were made with honey instead or...
  3. Bee Forum
    I do not need or want a list of honey recipes ! I need reference ideas where I can prepare a talk about the use of honey in the preparation of various food items, and nutrition, temperature limitations, etc., etc. The presentation will be to high end culinary students. The National Honey...
  4. Coffee Klatch
    Here you go folks. Pepper-Crusted-Filet-Mignon This is what I am having for the 1st day of Spring!|htmlws-main-w|dl6|link3| Ernie