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  1. For Sale
    Bobcat S450 model year: 2016 Hours: 530(going up, still in use) Setup for beekeeping: Mast for ease of pallet manipulations, no arms or bucket attachment. Carriage for forks on mast is 36" wide Crazy wheel, 5th wheel, attached to give manueverability. Uses hydraulics to lower the 5th wheel...
  2. Commercial Beekeeping
    I think it's important to teach people how to use the honey they buy... so that they buy more of course. That's why we sponsored a cooking show! Every recipe includes honey! Watch the video here!
  3. Bee Forum
    Hi Guys, Does anyone here place their bees at a hotel or other "non-agricultural" location? Just exploring for myself and other beeks I know.
  4. Commercial Beekeeping
    I am looking to improve my understanding of the pollination services industry. The communication chain between beekeepers and growers seems to be fairly complicated and vary greatly from region to region. I am beginning to realize that online research can only bring me so far, so I am looking...
  5. Bee Forum
    I had the chance to spend two days with a commercial beek hiving packages this past weekend. I will NEVER be a commercial beek....THAT is HARD WORK! We installed 185 packages in like 3 counties (I swear). But the act of knocking that many bees in makes you really good at bumping and dumping...
  6. Commercial Beekeeping
    Hello all! I finished working for a commercial guy this past year and this year I am on my own. I noticed there are some people (i call them beesource trolls) that always talk like there is no money in beekeeping...ever. Is there anyway some of the commercial guys here could post some of...
  7. Commercial Beekeeping
    Did y'all read the article in January's ABJ titled "Why Do They DO That?"? Stacy McKenna states a number of time that "Commercial migratory beekeepers move their bees from crop to crop because otherwise the bees would starve." Is that why you move yours? There is more to her article, but that...
  8. Welcome Forum
    The pun is intended. I am in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. So I guess I am one of the few African bee keepers on the Forums. I started keeping bees in 2008 after inheriting three Langstroths (one colonised) from a friend who emigrated. The other two have since been colonised too. I work with...
  9. Commercial Beekeeping
    I have been working with Russian Honey Bees for two years now and I know I have a life time of learning to do. I only have ten hives right now but have 100 acre farm that isn't around any other apiaries or farms and currently planting acres of clover for the bees and we have a few acres of 30...
  10. Commercial Beekeeping
    This question is mostly for the migratory guy's on pallets. Do you use a landing board or not? Bonus question: Do you perfer tops cut to fit the hive or the slightly longer type with an eave on the front and back?
1-10 of 10 Results