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  1. Feed off, feed on, insulation off, insulation on- it's cold

    Bee Forum
    6A- High desert Oregon- elevation 3182. Grand solar minimum, yes I know. How is everyone else dealing with the cold? April looked mostly normal but May has been consistently cold. Gardening has been stunted. Bees are alive but not really building. Just put a Bee Cozy and feed back on one...
  2. Cold Virus 'Cures'. What works for you?

    Coffee Klatch
    With the recent Corona virus craze, I thought I'd ask people here what they do to prevent colds and other viral infections, and whether you think your home remedies really work or just make you feel better because you are doing something. Covid-19 is basically a cold virus, in most ways not...
  3. Bees from the Tropics

    Beekeeping 101
    Can bees from Tropical climates such as Puerto Rico adapt easily to other colder climates or are they more likely to die off than their European and other counterparts? Thank you!
  4. Two Hives Dead - cold & moisture and an open minded dialogue needed for heat

    Beekeeping 101
    After reading extensively and watching countless video's my first two hives have died. You can try and do everything right *varroa control throughout with none going into fall *queens bred for winter *fall feeding in September*winter protection which included a moisture board right over the...
  5. Installed first colony, but they are huddling

    Bee Forum
    Hey Y'all! So I just got my first package bees today (any bees for that matter)!! Super excited! I have done a lot of homework and read plenty of books, so I feel like I am ready for the adventure. However... I installed the package without issue around noon today. Insured that the queen was...
  6. Northwest Weather - Colony Status

    Bee Forum
    I'd love to hear from Northwest beekeepers on how the cold and wet winter and spring so far are affecting your colonies. I was looking at some weather forecasts and historical weather info and was really surprised to see how much colder this season is than average. Below is a snip of what I...
  7. Syrup and/or Water?

    Bee Forum
    It was warm here, so I took the sugar bricks away (recently I put them back) and put syrup on top, but the days got colder and bees stoped consuming syrup. Last few days and today, I noticed that bees are "drinking" water from melted snow paddles. The question is: If bees are "drinking" that...
  8. After Storm ...

    Bee Forum
    I did the reverse about 2-3 weeks ago. Both colonies were strong and healthy. I took the quilt box off, sugar brick off and put syrup as a feed. Bees were out and bringing some pollen back to hive. Flowers and trees were blooming. It felt like spring is here. Then it suddenly got cold and snowy...
  9. What's out there for bees to gather after a hard spring freeze

    Bee Forum
    A lot of things bloomed a month early here because we didn't have much winter. I think the maples started at least six weeks ago. It got down to mid 20s last night. Can they use pollen after a freeze? Is there any nectar producer that can stand a freeze? The reason for these questions is that...
  10. Beehives during winter months

    Beekeeping 101
    Hello everyone, this is my first year and first winter. I would like to know what can I do to protect the girls from the cold Chicago winters. I have done some research and I have found few things: 1. sells loose or snug fit cardboard box: snug fit-...
  11. Feed a Healthy hive in October?

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Healthy hive going into cold and winter. No more nectar is being gathered. Should I 2:1 syrup feed just to give the workers something to live on so they don't eat the honey they stored for winter?
  12. Cold package install help

    Bee Forum
    I was just hoping for some input on what would be the best scenario for installing some new packages with some really crappy weather. I just picked up 3 packages last night. By the time I got home it was 29 degrees so no install then. Today's high is going to be 38-39 and cloudy. Tomorrows is...
  13. Causes of Broodlessness

    Bee Forum
    I know the broodless period occurs late fall through early spring (at least here in the Northeast USA), but I've never read what actually triggers the queen to stop laying. Assuming cold temperatures are the impetus to stop laying, how does she know it's cold when the workers are keeping the...
  14. Building a TBH with winter in mind

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Up here on PEI the winter is long and -20C weather is quite common in January and Feb. I was thinking of foregoing the 1x12s for making the body of the hive and getting some finished plywood instead, sandwiching 3/4" or 1" polystyrene insulation between the layers of ply. Doing the same for the...
  15. Emergency feeding with honey

    Bee Forum
    Hello, I am new to the forum and hope to get some help to my questions regarding winter feeding, to which I am new as well... In both of my hives today the clusters were in the top super with now empty frames, so I fed them each a zip lock bag with honey and slits cut to give access to the...
  16. New Member from Northern Indiana

    Welcome Forum
    Hi Everyone - I'm a newbee from Northern Indiana. Last year I purchased two packages of Carniolans from Northern California. One hive replaced their queen almost immediately, but then went on to prosper. The other hive went great guns from the get-go and so I started a nuc from it. I ended...
  17. Cold in Central Mass.

    Bee Forum
    Like the rest of the country, the weather has been colder than usual in central Massachusetts for this time of year. As you can see the thermometer reads just under 10 degress fahrenheit. From the picture I have 3 hives and 1 nuc. It is going to be interesting if the nuc survives. More snow is...
  18. Tiny swarm with queen, nuub needs help.

    Beekeeping 101
    I built 2 hives from scratch this summer, planning on getting bees this coming spring. I've been taking my time and trying to collect everything I need to do it right, being very patient! While at church on Sunday I learned of a bee problem in the parking lot. After church I went and surveyed...
  19. Dead bees...was it the cold?

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    Hi all, I'm a brand new beekeeper with a 47" top bar hive (end entrance) and a 3lb package of bees installed March 30th. Everything has been going along fine so far. I had some cross-combing issues, but have been dealing with that by cutting off the comb and re-attaching using hairclips...
  20. Wind?

    Bee Forum
    Does wind effect a hive if it is hitting the sides of the hives. The temperature here in B.C> is around 10 degrees Celsius and wind are about 32 km/H. Will this effect the hives.