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  1. Nectar & Pollen Plants
    Hi Friends, Is it possible to plant a field into a combination of clover species and have it reseed/regrow indefinitely? I have searched for this information here on BeeSource, in books, and online, and haven't found quite what I am looking for. If it has been discussed here, I would welcome...
  2. Bee Forum
    Any experience that can be shared regarding planting balansa clover as bee forage?
  3. Bee Forum
    I've been researching plant mixtures for my bees and have run into a couple of questions. I live in Ohio. While researching plantings, there are a number of mixes that primarily focus on clover. I like this idea, but I wonder if there is a mix that will provide very early bloomers (maybe...
  4. Welcome Forum
    I let my lawn grow longer than usual this year due to an enormous amount of Clover that has attracted hundreds of Bees. Here's my dilemma: I need to mow the lawn but don't want to kill any Bees while doing so. Is there a best time of day to accomplish this and keep these Bees safe...
  5. Bee Forum
    I travel a lot for work, and having spent a good deal of time on the highways in SD, IA, MN & NE I can say I have never seen so much clover in the ditches. Miles & miles of yellow, white & red. What gives? Did we stop spraying 24D? Has anybody else noticed this? I need more supers! :)
  6. Commercial Beekeeping
    Hey all, This is the second year I drove my girls south for the winter. So this year I worked some heavy splitting/grafting and ended the season with 48 nucs (couple full hives), and hoping to keep growing with some healthy bees. And pretty hooked. I am looking for a permanent farm. NH is...
  7. Bee Forum
    The Effect of New Zealand Kanuka, Manuka and Clover Honeys on Bacterial Growth Dynamics and Cellular Morphology Varies According to the Species Here we have used a range of concentrations of clover honey and a suite of manuka and kanuka honeys from known geographical locations, and for which the...
  8. Photo/Video Gallery
    Less than a mile from the house....YEAH!!
1-8 of 8 Results