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  1. Diseases and Pests
    I got a NUC after taking 2 years off from beekeeping. I got all new deep frames and foundation, but I kept my old box and bottom board. I inspected the NUC frames prior to bringing them home and everything looked ok. Fast forward 2 weeks, the ladies drew out the rest of the brood box so I added...
  2. Diseases and Pests
    In the "Today in the Apiary" forum, soarwitheagles asks... Chalk brood looks like dried out, hard, mummified larva, white in color. Sometimes it has black too, in the late winter and early spring when moisture in the hive is high so has some mould or fungus blackness mixed in with the white...
  3. Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Presentations
    <p>This week we are talking about Beekeeping in Wellington (New Zealands Capital city) with Frank Lindsay. Frank talks about his commercial beekeeping operation that operates from around the Wellington area.</p> You can listen to the show here:- Beekeeping in Wellington with Frank Lindsay...
1-3 of 3 Results