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  1. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    just wondering why the bees would tear down some of the capped queen cell in my finisher hive? We used the MP method described in the thread, My cell building methods. The first picture is from the day we reassembled the hive and the second picture is from last night when we removed the cells to...
  2. Wanting to Buy
    Still looking for some queens or queens cells early March. First week of March would be nice. I know no California breeders will have mated queens then, bu i'll use cells if you have them or can tell me where to get them
  3. Bee Forum
    What is this cell between a deep and a super? It's in a funny place. Just a drone, supercedure, Q-cell? Thank you for your help.
  4. Bee Forum
    Hi All! Hive (): 2 deep brood supers (9 1/8" frames), I added 1 shallow (6 1/4") honey super (w/excluder) in June or July, hoping to give them more space. I built the body's, bottom, and cover with Cedar 2byXs, and purchased frames, if that could have anything to do with it. Location: Colorado...
  5. The Queen & Bee Breeding
    Why would ANYONE want to split a healthy swarm?! It's madness! IMO it should never be done, but I have a dilemma... I have a dying colony I call Kawa Bees, apis mellifera western bees, with 4 queen cells and a very healthy Japanese bee swarm of apis cerana japonica, a subspecies of honeybee...
  6. Bee Forum
    It appears to me that the queen of the swarm I captured a couple of weeks ago must not have made it. I come to this decision based on the attached images which I just took. I don't think a queen would lay multiple eggs per cell and it appears that is what I am looking at. I was unable to find...
  7. Beekeeping 101
    Its been 12 days since I started my first hive and I have a few things I need help with! 1st: how long should it take to see caped cells? is 12 days too soon, am I freaking out over nothing? 2nd: How long should I feed them sugar water for? summer is in full swing here and there alot of...