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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    I'm interested to learn how long different lumber types will last outside in the elements. A common consensus is that cypress and cedar, although expensive, will last longer than cheaper priced pine beehives. If I decide to go with pine, how often will I have to coat the exterior with paint? Any...
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    I just bought some cedar to build two double five frame medium nucs. Probably would have used pine but it was only about 20 % higher and i dont like painting all that much.I'm using 1x8s. I was thinking of using the full 7 1/4 width of the board for the height of the box. Will that leave too...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    I'm kicking around the idea of building some of my own boxes from cedar instead of pine.I know it is a lot more expensive and I still need to do the math on this but considering it for the longevity and the fact that its readily available at all the local lumber suppliers. I can find a few...
1-3 of 3 Results