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  1. Everything Honey Followed this recipe and made honey caramels. Also- melted some semi sweet chocolate and poured over the top with some pecans. Super easy. You really have to watch the candy thermometer closely at the end to be sure you don't burn it. :)
  2. Recipes
    Hey everyone here is Laurel's honey caramel recipe. We primarily make it for friends and family around Christmas. They can be mixed with a host of things or warmed and dribbled over apple slices. Honey caramels melt in your mouth and make perfect Christmas...
  3. Bee Forum
    Hey guys. I'm a second year beekeeper. Just installed two packages. I was under the impression my queen cages would come with a queen candy inside, however they did not. I searched my pantry hoping to find some marshmallows with no success. The only thing I did find was some soft, chewy...
1-3 of 3 Results