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candle making

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    Anyone use the wax from brood frames? What do you do with it? I feel bad throwing it away, but I can't use the wax in body products because it was in the hive when I treated. I've used it in candle making, but I don't find the medium/dark brown a nice color in most of the candle molds I...
  2. Products of The Hive
    Hi, in order to filter beeswax I use a large pot filled with water (2 inches aprox) and bulk beeswax over an electric stove, do not let the temperature elevates more than 185F, then thru the spigot pass it thru a very fine filter and I get this as a result (see picture). I use the same method...
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    Hello! I'm looking to purchase beeswax! Would any beekeepers like to share your precious wax for a small profit?