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    So happy I found this group! We are OntarioBeeRescue located in SW Ontario Canada Over 100 volunteer registered beekeepers on our team 10 yrs - 35 hives Relocation, Extraction, Hive building, Beekeeping Classes Bee Kind, Bee Productive, Bee Happy #grumpybruce
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    Hello Forum! I'm planning to start beekeeping just outside of Edmonton, AB, Canada this year (2021). We have long cold winters (-40C in February sometimes) and very intense long-light high-nectar flow summers. I like the idea of running 8-frame mediums with no Queen Excluder, as per Michael...
  3. All other areas
    This is what we do in late winter / early spring :D
  4. Photo/Video Gallery
    If you want me to make more content like this, throw the videos some likes and shares! Thanks so much!
  5. All other areas
    We are surrounded by the sea, so our Winters are mild, and our Summers almost never get over 30C (86F). My apiary is in a Pine grove, which protects them from our fierce winds, but most times, they are in dappled Sunlight. To that end, I shop for dark mis-tint paint, because I feel the interior...
  6. Diseases and Pests
    I've detected wax moth larvae in spare comb. They emerged sometime during past 2 weeks. I don't have access to a large freezer to kill them. is there an approved treatment product in Canada? Michael Nelson, BC
  7. Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    I thought I would post my experience of installing a package. Top bar hive as per Michael Bush design. Top entrance. Received package - Arataki, NZ origin. Tube. 3 LBS of bees and a queen. Installed at dusk in about 12 degrees C. The bees had access to 9 bars which included 5 complete brood...
  8. Bee Forum
    I live in the Metro Vancouver area and have a large number of hives. I am considering trying to winter some of them on single brood boxes this year; I am planning to create splits with 6 frames of brood and new local queens, and we also have about 25 July nucs that are filling out to 10 frames...
  9. Welcome Forum
    Hi All, I'm a first-year beek. I got my first package of bees from NZ on April 1 of this year and just pulled the last of 40# of honey from the hive - leaving another 50# for my girls for the winter. The brood area is quite small now and in the center of the lower of two deeps. I placed the...
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    Not sure if I have posted this in the right spot or not but I am from Stirling, Ontario, Canada and wanted to know if any one raise Russian bees and will be selling queens or nucs this year?? I have searched all over the internet ad can't find anything in Canada. Thank you in advance. Cory
  11. Welcome Forum
    Hi there. This is my second year beekeeping. Last year I had a single Langstroth hive, but this year, I'm hoping to expand to a second Langstroth as well as a Top Bar Hive (3 colonies total). I keep bees as a hobby and I'm happy to take only a small amount of honey and wax for my own personal...
  12. Bee Forum
    I'll be flying to Canada from the US next month - would like to bring a few(3-4) pints of my honey up for gifts in my checked baggage - not carry-on. Does anyone know if there are any regulations prohibiting this? I'm thinking along the lines of any agricultural restrictions, etc. but anything...
  13. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    A.B.C is proud to offer its third Level One Beekeeping Course! This course will integrate all aspects of beekeeping to the new beekeeper. With a focus on beekeeping in the urban environment, this course will offer the following skill development: * Establishing a beeyard * Plants...