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  1. Bee Forum
    Matias Viel CEO of Beeflow on Innovation in Pollination A MIT Innovator under 35 is “Increasing crop yields by applying scientific knowledge to Bee Pollination” Lessons from Mark Winston on Bees, Nature, and His Experiences We get into an emotional journey through what it’s like to work, and...
  2. Bee Forum
    Spring is here finally:) There are lots of insects are flying around including bumble bees and carpenter bees. Last couple of years I noticed big traffic of them around my house and whenever I was seeing them I was following to make sure they are not nesting in my house. There was a few times...
  3. Bee Forum
    Hi all, This is my first post on the BeeSource Forums Basically I have Just sparked an Intrest in bees, But my knowledge is very Limited, And would to love all about the Bombus. But Keep Getting confued between ientifying different types, If anyobody would like to help me out by giving me...
  4. Alternative Pollinators
    I took these photos in my garden this morning. I've never seen a bumblebee with this orange fur band before. Anyone know what species it is?
  5. Alternative Pollinators
    I think we might have bumble bees nesting in the ceiling at our cabin. The other night we heard lots of scratching overhead. We thought it was our resident bats. Fearing the worst, I went outside to see if I could hear anything from there. When I returned, I thought I let a bumble bee...
1-5 of 5 Results