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    Was a newbie last year with three hives. When dearth hit my bees were on 1:1 syrup then all these bees came from I don't know where. Everyone was getting sugar and each of my 2 deeps were putting down at least a gallon a day.Went on for 5 days and then stopped. Could not get near the hives...
  2. Bee Forum
    Hello - I have a hive that has brood in all three supers above the bottom deep box. Today I put a queen excluder between two of the supers. How long until all brood will be hatched from the boxes without the queen? For some reason I think it's 20 days but would like confirmation. David
  3. Bee Forum
    OK well I thought I was doing the bees a favor by leaving a super on that had some honey in it last fall. But I made the mistake of not having a queen excluder. So now I have brood in the super. When I opened the hive there is no honey or brood anywhere else, So, I have started to feed. My...
1-3 of 3 Results