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    I'm new to beekeeping in this area (was in western WA) and am wondering if anyone knows what my bees could be hauling in? I noticed yesterday they have a pretty large amount of pale yellow and bright orange pollen coming in. I have been out and about trying to see what's in bloom but have seen...
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    Bees bringing in pollen in Northern VA today. I see pale yellow and an orangish-yellow pollen, but haven't noticed anything blooming yet. What could it be?
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    This is my first year wth bees, and have been very fortunate. I bought a complete hive from an chemical free beekeeper, and it is doing excellent. Already have 2 medium supers fully capped and a 3rd fully drawn out with honey in it. My questions is how long does the honey flow last? I am in...
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    hear is a vid of whats blooming around the farm on 8/11/11