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  1. Bee Forum
    Need help quick to find a replacement supplier. I need the 1lb upside down (inverted) plastic bottle with a BLACK cap. Betterbee was my former supplier. I don't know any supplier that carries the Black cap verses a yellow cap.Anyone and Everyone please help. I have already missed two festivals...
  2. Consumer Report
    On January 3, as I do every year, I ordered several packages of bees from Betterbee. I always order early, it's important to get on that first bee delivery in the spring. Placing the order online, I entered my information and credit card numbers, placed the order and received a confirmation...
  3. Consumer Report
    Has anyone called or stopped at Betterbee this week? I tried several times yesterday and today, friday sept 25th and 26th and got their office is currrently closed message. Hopefully there isn't anything seriously wrong.
1-3 of 3 Results