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beetle baffle
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  1. Country Rubes
    This is a must see video if you are having a problem with Small Hive Beetles Jesse Davis put beetle baffles on all of his hives. The beetles left and entered his nucs which did not have the baffles on them. You can easily cut down...
  2. Country Rubes
    Happy Holidays Beekeepers! 10% off Small Hive Beetle Kits (any amount) and automatic $10.00 off on orders over $100.00 until 1/2/14. Will be at ABF in Baton Rouge January 7th to the 10th. Mention Beesource for a gift. Hope to see you there, Janet
  3. Country Rubes
    I have been chosen to be one of the two distributors for the Beetle Baffle and it's going to go on sale at our booth at EAS, August 5th. You can read about it at As soon as we get our delivery, which would be shortly after EAS, we will be selling them on our...
1-3 of 3 Results