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  1. Orange blossom beeswax

    Wanting to Buy
    Is it possible to buy beeswax that only comes from orange blossom honey?
  2. Drawing Candles

    Products of The Hive
    Hello All, Beeswax and what to do with it. After collecting beeswax for four years and rendering it several times through my improved solar wax melter gave me the idea to build a wax melter to draw candles and fill forms for candles. (The improvement on my solar melter is a 170 watt heat lamp...
  3. What to do with old, dark brood comb

    Products of The Hive
    Anyone use the wax from brood frames? What do you do with it? I feel bad throwing it away, but I can't use the wax in body products because it was in the hive when I treated. I've used it in candle making, but I don't find the medium/dark brown a nice color in most of the candle molds I...
  4. Beeswax Wanted

    Wanting to Buy
    Hello, We are looking to buy yellow / golden beeswax. We will be filtering ourselves, however beeswax with little included honey would be preferred. We use about 6000 lbs of wax a year so plenty of cash to be made. Please email [email protected] or call us at 331-684-7237 to discuss...
  5. Beeswax Wanted

    Wanting to Buy
    Looking for filtered Yellow beeswax for candle making for our candle company. Our main suppliers have had a very wet year so not to much honey or wax. The wax doesn't have to be perfect as we will be filtering it upon arrival. Wax free from sludge would be ideal. We would prefer midwest wax as...
  6. Beeswax, Light, 25lb blocks

    For Sale Beeswax light in color, approximstely 25 lb blocks. Around 2000lb total $5.50lb $5.25lb if over 500lb is purchased. $4.75lb if over 1000lb is purchased Located in Lewistown PA. Delivery Possible on orders over 500lb. Follow facebook...
  7. Using a Filter Press to purify beeswax

    Bee Forum
    While scouring the internet, I've seen a number of references to a method of purifying beeswax that uses a filter designed for the maple syrup industry. The device is called a Filter Press. I bought a filter press last year and have done some test trials with very poor results. I can't find any...
  8. selling unprocessed beeswax

    Products of The Hive
    Hello, I have a LOT of beeswax to process. I was wondering if there were a company somewhere that buys unprocessed wax, so I don't have to do it. Thanks, Leahjen
  9. Interested in Local Beeswax (California)

    Wanting to Buy
    Hello my name is Alice and I've been reaching out to find local beekeepers from California who engage in bee friendly, safe and organic practices who might be interested in selling their beeswax. Do you sell beeswax (preferably filtered) or might know of a fellow beekeeper who might? Thanks I...
  10. Interested in Local Beeswax (California)

    Products of The Hive
    Hello my name is Alice and I've been reaching out to find local beekeepers from California who engage in bee friendly, safe and organic practices who might be interested in selling their beeswax. Do you sell beeswax (preferably filtered) or might know of a fellow beekeeper who might? Thanks I...
  11. How to prevent candles pulling away from the jar?

    Products of The Hive
    Forgive me if this question has been asked before on the forum - I couldn't see it anywhere. I'm making beeswax candles with coconut oil (1 cup coconut oil to 1 kg wax). I'm pouring them into candle jars, and I'm trying to make it so the wax either sticks completely to the jar, or else pulls...
  12. Where would you sell large quantities of Beeswax

    Marketing Forum
    Hi, Does anyone know where you would sell large quantities of beeswax? I currently sell small volumes of beeswax fairly easily locally, but I have a huge quantity (currently 10 tonnes) of filtered East African beeswax with more due to be processed.. I've found it difficult to get any response...
  13. Hello from Kenya

    Welcome Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm a beekeeper based in Kenya and I thought I'd say hi as I have just joined the forum. Sam
  14. Buying beeswax in bulk

    Bee Forum
    We are looking to purchase about 1000 lb. clean beeswax. delivery to San Diego area. Ward @ 412-462-0370
  15. New to Bee Source

    Welcome Forum
    Hi, I'm Beebuggy. At the present time I'm a beeswax candle maker. This is my second season making candles for family gifts, for myself and this year I've started selling. I love everything about beeswax candles and especially love teaching folks about why beeswax is best. I have plans to...
  16. Thyme Waits for no Beekeeper

    Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Presentations
    Hi this is Episode Fifty Six of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about Less Invasive Beekeeping, Young Chapie beekeepers and Marijuana sting. You can play the show on this page, or see below for ways to subscribe. Thyme Waits for no Beekeeper Here's What You'll Learn New Book...
  17. beeswax has molded

    Products of The Hive
    hi I searched the forums did not find this specific questions answered I have some brace comb, old foundation etc that I put in a bucket and forgot about it now it appears to have molded, question is can I still use it or should I chunk it and forget about it thanks :scratch:
  18. Beeswax Paintings Coming to Richmond, VA

    The luminosity and textures of beeswax paintings means they look better in person. If you're in the Richmond, VA area, you'll be able to check them out at: Arts in the Park Byrd Park, Richmond, VA May 3 and 4 Arts in the Park is recognized as one of the top art shows in the country and is an...
  19. White Beeswax

    Where To Buy . . .
    Where can I buy white beeswax that's mechanically filtered and not chemically bleached? This is important because I don't want my beeswax paintings to yellow over time! My current supplier sells at $7/lb. but requires a 55 lb. min. purchase. I'd like the option of purchasing a smaller quantity...
  20. Introducing BEESWAX PAINTINGS

    Hi, Everyone My name is Victoria Primicias, and I paint with beeswax. In case you missed it, I have an ad on the right column entitled Beautiful Beeswax Paintings. Also known as encaustics, this ancient medium was invented by the Romans and Greeks (arte cera means "wax art" in Latin). The...