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  1. Products of The Hive
    Hello, I am doing candles of 100% pure white beeswas. At the beginning I started doing candles and everything was going great later I have added natural dyes like turmeric, chocolate and so, but later on when I come to melting pure pellets of the beeswax in the melting pot I start to cough and...
  2. Wanting to Buy
    Hello my name is Alice and I've been reaching out to find local beekeepers from California who engage in bee friendly, safe and organic practices who might be interested in selling their beeswax. Do you sell beeswax (preferably filtered) or might know of a fellow beekeeper who might? Thanks I...
  3. Products of The Hive
    I got one of these sphere molds and I'm trying to decide on the right wick size, can anyone help? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results