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  1. What do you think about pollinator conservation on social media? [Survey]

    Bee Forum
    Hi all, I'm Anabella and I'm a graduate student at Texas Tech University. I'm writing my master's report on communicating for conservation. My research seeks to examine audience perceptions of pollinator conservation on social media. Data from the survey will help inform conservation managers...
  2. What to do with the frames after extracting honey?

    Beekeeping 101
    Hello everyone, Can you please give me ideas on how to and where to store frames after I spin and extract the honey? Also, do I need to scrape off all the wax that stays on the frames after extraction or keep it for bees to rebuild on it next year. Also Do I need to put the frames in the deep...
  3. Bees with Hives for Sale in Atlanta/Dunwoody Area - Moving to Hawaii

    For Sale
    Hi all, The tickets have been booked and the decision is final, I am officially moving to Hawaii from Atlanta in October. I need to do a lot of work on my yard before I go, so I need to sell all my bees here ASAP. Since I'm not allowed to bring ANY used bee equipment with me, I must sell it...
  4. East Texas Nucs - FOR SALE - $150 - Available Mid April

    For Sale
    Nucs include 5+ frames of brood / honey / new queen / bees All of our options are made up during the spring using bees with a queen grafted by us at CNC Honey Farms. All of our options will be available to pick up around mid-April. When you receive your hive, it will contain five-plus frames of...
  5. It's 2020! We have 3# package bees available for sale with free shipping for $197

    For Sale
    Greetings, All! Gold Star Honeybees has 3# packages of gorgeous treatment-free "mutt" bees - a hardy mix of Italian, Carniolan, and Russian. Shipped insured to the lower 48 US. Review our Bee order policies here: We make it easy to order online and we've got 6 ship dates available for 2020...
  6. Nucs for Sale. Available around mid-April.

    For Sale
    Nucs for Sale. Available around mid-April. Nucs include 5+ frames of brood / honey / new queen / bees All of our options are made up during the spring using bees with a queen grafted by us at CNC Honey Farms. All of our options will be available to pick up around mid-April. When you receive...
  7. Looking for 100 3lb packages in GA or FL for spring to resale and ideas where to find

    Wanting to Buy
    I’m in middle TN and looking for a bee supplier in GA or FL that can supply 100+ 3lb packages for April. Looking for the best price as they will be for resale. I produce local nucs each year but have people calling and asking about packages. If I could get at a good price may consider...
  8. A Series I Call Beescape!! Nature, bees, and teamwork!

    Photo/Video Gallery
    If you want me to make more content like this, throw the videos some likes and shares! Thanks so much!
  9. 2020 nucs for sale

    For Sale
    Reserve your nucs for spring 2020! These will be 4 frame nucs with an in hive feeder. Good frames and good population with a new proven queen. They will be available for pick up in Bancroft, Wisconsin near the end of April-first week of May weather dependent. Larger orders of nucs could also be...
  10. VSH Queens

    For Sale
    Certified queen breeder of Florida I have 4 laying queens all 2019 stock left over from mating nucs after combines. 2- Italians 2- Carniola's very good pattern and gentle Price $25.00ea plus shipping add $9.00 up to 4 queens John Wathey 813-480-2947 [email protected] Marion County, Florida...
  11. 2000 Acres of Hemp Project

    Beekeeping 101
    Hello all, We are working with a group that is planting 2000 acres of hemp. This is roughly 3.125 square miles. How many beehives should we be placing and what groupings should they be placed in? We were hoping to do groupings of 50 at a time for ease of access and maintenance. Would 2000...
  12. Pollen substitute alternative?

    Beekeeping 101
    Hello everyone, I'm wondering about feeding my bees a real pollen instead of giving them pollen substitute patties. Woudl they even taste it, since it already granulated and dried pollen by some other bees? Woudl it be better if I made patties out of pollen? Now, I know this wouldn't be an...
  13. Does bluetooth interfere with Bees?

    Bee Forum
    Sounds like a wild question, now let me explain why I am asking. There is a company that is offering to work with us that has incredibly tiny almost invisible to the eye devices that we could possibly paint onto bees in order to track their movements. We were thinking this would be fantastic...
  14. What do you think about this?

    We connected with a company recently that makes this: "Queens Guard", which allows beekeepers to monitor the hives remotely so action can be taken if there is a problem. This technology also allows large amounts of data to be gathered More info here...
  15. Nucs / Full Hives / Supplies - Mid Tennessee

    For Sale
    5 Frame Nucs - 3 frame brood, 1.5 food - $165 500+ available Single Box Hive - $225 - Free 4 way pallet for every 4 Double Deeps - $300 - Free 4 way pallet for every 4 Other supplies available 4 way pallets - $35 10 frame boxes (assembled and painted) - $12.50 Nuc boxes - $10.50 Plastic...
  16. Glass or plastic for Education

    We are building some new Langstroth style hives and are planning on running Children's education programs. Is there a proper way that we could install a glass or plastic peep hole? Perhaps something that is covered up normally as to not disturb the bees, and removable to show the kids the inner...
  17. Bees from the Tropics

    Beekeeping 101
    Can bees from Tropical climates such as Puerto Rico adapt easily to other colder climates or are they more likely to die off than their European and other counterparts? Thank you!
  18. Hey from South Western Pennsylvania

    Welcome Forum
    Hey everyone. In the process of moving from Virginia to PA. I started beekeeping about 3 years ago. But when I had my bees in the past when living in VA, I was 2.5 hours away from them. It did not work out. So I bought a house in PA with a couple acres. I will have bees in my backyard now. I...
  19. Hello Everyone, from Puerto Rico!

    Welcome Forum
    I am curious if anyone can advise me on their favorite books/video series to learn more about setting up hives. Thank you!
  20. 2019 Nucs / Bees for Sale in East Texas

    For Sale
    2019 nucs for sale in East Texas. Available for pickup in mid-April in Whitehouse, TX or Crockett, TX. Email me for options and details. I build my nucs in 10 frame equipment using 8 frames and a feeder. Guarantee nuc to be at least 5 frames (brood, honey, new queen). 1. $145.00 - You provide...