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  1. For Sale
    We will begin taking orders on January 1st, 2021. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] Delivery is not available. These are for pick up only in Whitehouse, TX or Crockett, TX. Bees - Nuc Options 2021 We will begin taking orders on January 1st, 2021. Please contact...
  2. For Sale
    Greetings, All! Gold Star Honeybees has 3# packages of gorgeous treatment-free "mutt" bees - a hardy mix of Italian, Carniolan, and Russian. Shipped insured to the lower 48 US. Review our Bee order policies here: We make it easy to order online and we've got 6 ship dates available for 2020...
  3. For Sale
    200 Nucs For Sale in Clinton, Michigan on 06-05-19. $135.00 Five frames of bees 3+ frames of brood 2 frames honey and pollen. Please call Jacob at +1 (517) 902-3200 to place You order. More available in Florida 06-01-19 to 10-01-19 For bigger orders please call Alex at 4078601065
  4. For Sale
    I have several hundred hives for sale ... untill all sold out 5 frame nucs ... in a new pro-nuc box... you keep the box... 10 nucs minimum sale ... $100 per nuc 10 frame singles.. on totally new or used 1 season equipment .. wax-dipped lids, 4way pallets, u-clips ... 2 pallet minimum sale ...
  5. For Sale
    About our beautiful ⭐️🐝🐝🐝 bees for sale: Gold Star Honeybees package bees are 3-pound packages with naturally mated, unmarked queens. They are "mutt bees" - a very hardy mix of Russian, Italian, and Carniolan genetics. They are "four season bees" - acclimated to a climate with four...
  6. For Sale
    2019 nucs for sale in East Texas. Available for pickup in mid-April in Whitehouse, TX or Crockett, TX. Email me for options and details. I build my nucs in 10 frame equipment using 8 frames and a feeder. Guarantee nuc to be at least 5 frames (brood, honey, new queen). 1. $145.00 - You provide...
  7. For Sale
    For Sale: 250 - 2 story deeps with bottom boards, 10 frame boxes on 4-way pallets, 600 Deep Boxes w/drawn comb, 400 Deep Boxes w/foundation, 2014 Ford F450 12' Bed, 1600 Swinger Forklift. Available after CA Pollination if you want them before hand we can talk. Will sell separately, but bees have...
  8. Marketing Forum
    I am considering selling Nucs for the first time this Spring. What advice do you have to market, take orders, get paid and set up a pick up location? I plan to start small by selling 100 +/- nucs. Any constructive advice is greatly appreciated.
  9. For Sale
    60 Double Deeps - $180 64 Singles - $120 20 Nucs - $80 Everything is 10 frame deep. Minimum purchase is 10 colonies. Price negotiable on larger quantities. Local pickup only. Note: approximately 70% still need to be placed on 4-way pallets as I don't have enough on hand at the moment. Plenty...
  10. For Sale
    Approximately: - 60 Double Deeps ($12k) - 64 Singles ($9k) - 20 Nucs - or 8 Frame Singles with frame feeders depending on when transaction occurs - ($2k) Everything is 10 frame deep. Negotiable if flexible and wiling to take entire lot. 80% still need to be placed on 4-way pallets as I don't...
  11. For Sale
    7-10 frame of bees many ready to double! 2017 September Queens (Italian&buckfast quality) New equipment 6 way pallets & 4 way pallets! 4-100 hives for 190$ 100- 200 hives for 180$ 200-500 hive 170 full load 160$ 1800 hive available!!! interested call 4078601065 or 9417133703!
  12. For Sale
    I will have 4 frame nucs ready early April with 2018 laying queen. Queens in nuc will be carniolan. Bring your own equipment and I will reduce $10 each nuc. 1-49 $140 50+ $125 Call or email me for more information. Noel Tinoco 530 923-0942 [email protected]
  13. For Sale
    W. Fisher Bee Farm will be selling spring nucs in the Spring 2018 Season. Taking orders now, all nuc orders must have 10% down to be considered a firm order. May availability The 2018 Price will be as follows: 001 to 019 $175 020 to 049 $155 050 to 099 $140 100 to 199 $130...
  14. For Sale
    I have 8 frame double deep hives on 6 way pallets. Hives are healthy and ready to go. I've recently treated the hives with terramycin and routinely treated for mites. If you have any questions give me a call or email. 530-923-0942 [email protected] Noel Tinoco
  15. Consumer Report
    Just have to report that I have ordered queens from Velbert for 2 years. I can say they are always high quality and customer service is excellent. this winter was one of the worst I can remember and my nucs stayed buried in the snow for about 3 months. I dug them out yesterday and all the nucs...
  16. Welcome Forum
    Hello to all our beekeeping friends and future friends! I am a commercial beekeeper, started 3 years ago. My family always had a few hives but now I have thousands and am experiencing huge growing pains! I am challenged with what is the best way to sell bees but not to loose my drawn frames and...
1-16 of 16 Results