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bees and aggression
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    Hello, I'm Tim. I couldn't think of a better place to have this answered. I have 20 acres and am building a fence. There is one section of the fence, near the trees, where I keep getting attacked. They'll chase me for over 100 feet and they're FAST! So fast. I know why, obviously. I try...
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    Was a newbie last year with three hives. When dearth hit my bees were on 1:1 syrup then all these bees came from I don't know where. Everyone was getting sugar and each of my 2 deeps were putting down at least a gallon a day.Went on for 5 days and then stopped. Could not get near the hives...
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    Hi I was wondering if bees can learn to recognize their keepers base don pheromones or something? do they get used to particular individuals and then mellow out a little in their presence?
1-3 of 3 Results