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  1. Bees Comb Is Across Several Bars

    Top Bar & Horizontal Hive Forum
    First of all, please excuse my ignorance if I use wrong bee keeping terms. I really will try not to embarrass myself, although it will be hard. We received a small swarm of bees back on June 8th of this year. They had been in a nuc box for 2 weeks prior to us receiving them. The comb they had...
  2. Putting hives on hotels, restaurants, other commercial properties

    Bee Forum
    Hi Guys, Does anyone here place their bees at a hotel or other "non-agricultural" location? Just exploring for myself and other beeks I know.
  3. Putting hives on hotels, restaurants, other commercial properties

    Bee Forum
    Hi Guys, Does anyone here place their bees at a hotel or other "non-agricultural" location? Just wondering and exploring for myself. -Austin
  4. Moving on from Beekeeping in Eastern NC

    For Sale
    Hello Everyone, I won't get into too many details but I am no longer able to manage and properly take the time to be a beekeeper thanks to a new job, relocation, and new born. These numbers are about 98% accurate. I am looking to move everything as I do not have time to meet people to part...
  5. Beekeeping in Greece

    Welcome Forum
    Hallo everyone from Greece.Check out my youtube channel .We have many different methods to product honey.Check it and if you like, subscribe for more!
  6. New Book: Beekeeping Naturally: A Simple Recipe, by Michael Bush

    For Sale Beekeeping Naturally: A Simple Recipe, by Michael Bush Details: $20 Paperback 6 x 9 in. B&W 214 pages 75 illustrations. This book is a simple recipe for beekeeping naturally. Rather than offer all possible choices I am offering a recipe based...
  7. Covid-19 and Beekeeping , March 21, NY Bee Wellness

    Bee Forum Contents: Beekeeping & Covid-19 NYS Ag & Mkts statement Latest from the Governors office Charts about Covid19 Beekeepers in China National Colony Report 2019 Hexagon Button...
  8. Lighting a smoker like nobody's business and giving one away the day after Christmas

    Bee Forum
    At 10k subs in under a year. It is very humbling. There is so much in the world of bees to learn and Laurel and I can't say thank you enough for contributing to our youtube and facebook bee family and we hope to continue to help straighten out some of the learning curves out of the greatest...
  9. Isaac Hopkins' Australasian Bee Manual

    For Sale
    When I tracked down this book, I was looking for "The Hopkins Method of Queen Rearing" in Hopkin's own words. When I found it and read it, I found so much more. Hopkins was a very practical beekeeper, and not just an academic beekeeper. The Australasian Bee Manual was probably the most...
  10. The Practical Beekeeper in Spanish, Portuguese, French and German as well as English

    For Sale
    Perhaps you know that I have written a book but maybe you haven't realized or thought about the fact that it's available in several languages. Maybe you know someone who would like to see it in French, or German, or Spanish or Portuguese? It is also available as an ebook. Also, my web site is...
  11. Dee & Ed Lusby's Biological Beekeeping Book

    For Sale
    This is the book that started the modern treatment free movement. This book is about how to move from conventional beekeeping methods to a system of natural beekeeping. The content of this book has been available for many years now on It is offered here in the form of a book...
  12. Beekeeping Mentor in a Book

    For Sale
    This book takes you through a year of beekeeping in a cold climate without chemicals, with the assumption you are a complete beginner. Every other chapter is focused on a month of the year while the chapters between pick an applicable topic to explore further. This is not an idealistic view of...
  13. New Bee, beekeeping, bee research series. Check it out!

    Bee Forum
    First episode. More every week. Kelly Rourke a Director at Pollinator Partnership Discusses Pollinator Programs You Can Get Involved What do you think?
  14. Beekeeping Technique Question

    Bee Forum
    Hey Beeks! I've been keeping bees for close to a decade now. When I first started I followed all the rules, did all the recommended treatments and whatnot. These days I'm very passive in my maintenance. I seldom treat or tear down unless I identify an issue and I don't do preventative...
  15. Hi from Lincoln, Uk

    Welcome Forum
    Hello As yet no bees, but a friend asked me if I could build her a Nuc hive as I have a table saw and router. I've purchased a couple of the 'Dummies' books, ie: Building Beehives and the other was Beekeeping for Dummies. Strangely I'm halfway through the 'Beekeeping' book as its really...
  16. Calling All Australian Beekeepers!

    Bee Forum
    Hello, I am a university student carrying out my dissertation on beekeeping and I am looking for any Australian beekeepers that would be willing to answer a short questionnaire (5 minutes). If you are from Australia and are happy to give it a go please follow the link below...
  17. The 10 Minute - One Gallon Bucket Feeder Project

    My last project of the winter before bee season really starts. I know this forum is more a place folks want to "offer their wisdom" and not so much on projects, but if anyone likes their own projects, I offer this idea up:
  18. Beekeeper's Tool Pouch with magnet

    For Sale
    I've gotten really good feedback on these pouches I've been making so I thought I'd offer them up for sale here on beesource. I got real tired of losing my hive tools so I created this tool pouch with a 90lb magnet to hold my hive tool but provide quick access, plus carry additional beekeeping...
  19. Honeycomb 3X Fold-Hive - The Flagship of Integrative Beekeeping

    I'm just gonna put this right here. Hope it answers some of your insightful questions HONEYCOMB 3X FOLD-HIVE
  20. Bee Keeper Brush

    Beekeeping 101
    why we use beekeeper brush? why we need it for beekeeping??:eek: