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  1. Scottsville Supply Co.
    We now have PAINTED 10 Frame hive kits and components to make this spring that much easier! Our FREE SHIPPING on internet orders over $200 definitely applies to these. Visit our website and be ready for spring.
  2. Scottsville Supply Co.
    We offer FREE SHIPPING* on internet orders over $200 to anywhere in the continental U.S. A few exclusions do apply that are standard and in-line with other suppliers. We ship in one to two business days in most cases.
  3. Country Rubes
    This is a must see video if you are having a problem with Small Hive Beetles Jesse Davis put beetle baffles on all of his hives. The beetles left and entered his nucs which did not have the baffles on them. You can easily cut down...
  4. Shizel
    Looking for feedback on the new Shizel Hive Tool. Here are some recent comments from those who have purchased the tool. It was introduced at the beginning of the year through the American Bee Journal and Bee Culture Magazine. "I recently purchased this tool. I have a thumb joint that is...
  5. Bee Forum
    Hello All, I'm new to the bee source forum but I've been keeping bees for about 4 years. My 80 year old beekeeping mentor just passed away and left me some of his beekeeping equipment. There is one piece that I haven't been able to determine what it is or how to use it. :scratch: It is a...