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  1. Beekeeping 101
    Hi there! A week ago, all signs pointed to laying workers; I saw multiple eggs per cell and drone brood everywhere. At the direction of a local commercial beekeeper (and my bee supplier), I shook out the bees about 30ft from the hive, pulled out the old frames and replaced with unused foundation...
  2. Marketing Forum
    Hi, everyone! I was thinking of creating an online academy with courses that cover a variety of beekeeping subjects (apiary management, bees' health, pests, pesticides, treatments etc). But I'm having trouble understanding what type of courses would really appeal to beekeepers. Would you mind...
  3. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Hi, I am reaching out on behalf of Growing Gardens of Boulder County to invite all interested locals to take part in our 2017 Beekeeping Series and Advanced Beekeeping Class. Learn how to keep your own bees during our eight-month series of hands-on classes and labs from March - October. These...
  4. Beekeeping 101
    Hi all! I wrote a beginner beekeeping guide that you can get for free: It contains some great info for beginners - from knowing your local municipal laws (some municipalities actually have laws about where you are permitted to keep bees), equipment, protective...
  5. Welcome Forum
    Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education is the ruthless practical department of the NJ University that offers short courses on a wide (really wide) range of topics including beekeeping. We offer a Bee-ginners Beekeeping 3-Day Class as well as a 2-Day Advance Course called Bee-yond...
  6. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Rutgers Bee-ginner’s Beekeeping Course April 26-28, 2012 | 9am to 4pm | $175 | Hickman Hall, New Brunsiwck Register online, by phone or fax/mail. This two and a half-day program covers the basics of apiculture by providing comprehensive information and hands-on experience to help students...
  7. Beekeeping 101
    Hi I am new to beekeeping and am trying to find out as much information as I can. This looks like a wonderful hobby and I've even started a blog. Eddie
1-7 of 7 Results