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  1. For Sale
    Nucs include 5+ frames of brood / honey / new queen / bees All of our options are made up during the spring using bees with a queen grafted by us at CNC Honey Farms. All of our options will be available to pick up around mid-April. When you receive your hive, it will contain five-plus frames of...
  2. For Sale
    Reserve your nucs for spring 2020! These will be 4 frame nucs with an in hive feeder. Good frames and good population with a new proven queen. They will be available for pick up in Bancroft, Wisconsin near the end of April-first week of May weather dependent. Larger orders of nucs could also be...
  3. Bee Forum
    First episode. More every week. Kelly Rourke a Director at Pollinator Partnership Discusses Pollinator Programs You Can Get Involved What do you think?
  4. Bee Forum
    I'm trying to learn more about the research going on. Would you mind sharing the ones you know of?
  5. Bee Forum
    Sounds like a wild question, now let me explain why I am asking. There is a company that is offering to work with us that has incredibly tiny almost invisible to the eye devices that we could possibly paint onto bees in order to track their movements. We were thinking this would be fantastic...
  6. Bee Forum
    I wanted to host some bee meetings at my house and invite any local beekeepers to come. I was wondering what the legalities of this are. Does one nee special insurance, need to post warnings, have people sign a waiver, in case they get hurt on your property. I would hop anyone coming to a bee...
  7. Beekeeping 101
    I am working for a non profit in Puerto Rico that is funding bee research, education for children, and the building of new hives. We are curious if the domesticated AHB would survive outside of Puerto Rico. And if so in what states? Feedback, opinions, ideas are all welcome! Thank you, Devon
  8. Welcome Forum
    I am curious if anyone can advise me on their favorite books/video series to learn more about setting up hives. Thank you!
  9. Equipment/Hardware
    Hello, We have been beekeepers for about 7 years and have had many wonderful mentors who have taught us the art of beekeeping. We became fascinated with making the demaree method of swarm control easier. Can the frames below the queen excluder be accessed without removing the supers? Can we...
  10. Beekeeping 101
    why we use beekeeper brush? why we need it for beekeeping??:eek:
  11. Photo/Video Gallery
    Had a nice day a few weeks back. The bees were out so I took some video. Enjoy ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Swarms, Trap-outs, and Cut-outs
    Went out hanging boxes, one of the first few nice days this spring. Most of these spots are way out in the sticks. The nearest rural house is 3 to 5 miles away depending on the spot. No tips or info this Vid (my video link at the end has all that) just enjoy the scenery on this one, and good...
  13. Beekeeping Meetings and Classes
    Panhandle Bee College Friday & Saturday, March 23-24, 2018 Blountstown High School 18597 NE SR 69 Blountstown, FL 32424 Panhandle Bee College is a two-day event offering training for beekeepers of all experience levels, gardeners, naturalists, county agents, and anyone interested in honey...
  14. Diseases and Pests
    I was wondering if there has been any research about the effects of canphor oil to remove or repeal honey bee pest?
  15. Apitherapy
    Hello! I am selling high quality bee venom and I'm looking for clients! Does anybody know someone who wants to buy pure, high quality bee venom? or can someone tell me where can I find potential clients? Greetings! Thanks!
  16. Beekeeping 101
    Hello everyone, this is my first year and first winter. I would like to know what can I do to protect the girls from the cold Chicago winters. I have done some research and I have found few things: 1. sells loose or snug fit cardboard box: snug fit-...
  17. Welcome Forum
    Hello Everyone, Our company, Pioneer Plastics, just joined We are very excited to be a part of the Apiary community. We do business with many companies involved in selling cut comb honey. Please visit our website and check out products 006C, 091C, 155C...
  18. Bee Forum
    Hi there, I am writing a novel and the key component of the plot is the abandonment of a bee colony that had previously been kept by the main character. I am completely inexperienced and have recently begun to research beekeeping for the novel. So, what would happen to the bees if, after being...
  19. Photo/Video Gallery
    Hello Everyone, My first Thread here. I have a really nice underground (mining) honey bee nest in my garden that I've been very fortunate to have. I had 4 or 5 to start with, but unknowingly drowned them out (while heavily watering my garden) before I realized they were honey bee holes. I've...
  20. Bee Forum
    Honeybees, Floridians to Enjoy a ‘Win-Win Situation’ with Bee Research Lab
1-20 of 67 Results