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  1. Apitherapy
    Apireven Bee Venom Cream is specially formulated to relieve arthritis pain, sports injuries in various parts of the body; even effective in treating chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. Made with propolis extract, beeswax, lanolin, paraffin oil, cetaceum, capsici extract, camphor, methyl...
  2. Apitherapy
    Howdy! I'm a student doing research about apitherapy and I'm seeking advice while conducting my own experiment with bee venom therapy. I'm hoping to get in touch with someone over the phone or via email ([email protected]) that can answer a few questions I have about BVT and collecting...
  3. Apitherapy
    Hey there, I've been doing loads of research on BVT and can't find an apitherapist in my area. I actually just ordered pure bee venom powder but I'm not sure how I should dilute it. I am not allergic to bees and have been stung many times in my life. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Apitherapy
    Bee venom therapy Does anyone know anyone in south texas(McAllen) that offers Bee venom therapy? thank you
1-4 of 4 Results