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  1. For Sale
    Hi all, The tickets have been booked and the decision is final, I am officially moving to Hawaii from Atlanta in October. I need to do a lot of work on my yard before I go, so I need to sell all my bees here ASAP. Since I'm not allowed to bring ANY used bee equipment with me, I must sell it...
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    I`m a carpenter with a love of bee keeping, hope you dont mind me sharing my bee hive which is listed on etsy, am looking at making new other designs so would love to see pics from you guys of hives you own and ones that you like. Also this is a newish venture, so would...
  3. Bee Forum
    Can I give my bees brood builder patties right now. To stimulate them. Also is it a good Idea to feed them HFCS right now? And where can I buy Corn syrup bulk in Oregon/Washington
  4. Commercial Beekeeping
    This question is mostly for the migratory guy's on pallets. Do you use a landing board or not? Bonus question: Do you perfer tops cut to fit the hive or the slightly longer type with an eave on the front and back?
  5. Welcome Forum
    Slainte - I have attended a course on bee keeping and at present looking for information on the best type of hive to build - any comments or help would be appreciated. Thks & BR
1-5 of 6 Results