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  1. Equipment/Hardware
    So I got an electric net fence and was wondering how you test the voltage because it is a pos/neg fence. Do you rest the probe on the neg strand and then hang the actual meter on the pos strand?
  2. Equipment/Hardware
    Hi, any recommendations on an electric net fence and fence charger?? I have one hive.
  3. Bee Forum
    I've always wondered this... How many bears and how often do they raid your yards?
  4. Equipment/Hardware
    Hi, Any comments on the Premier 1 Bear QuikFence? It looks interesting because it is adaptable between all-hot and positive/negative configurations, and the bottom wire can be disconnected in taller grass. 12 strand can't hurt, can it? And it is visible. But the length is, of course, not...
  5. Equipment/Hardware
    Hi, Anyone out there using the Gallagher Smart Fence 2 G70000 to protect a bee yard from bears? I have heard that some people disconnect the second-to-bottom wire and make it ground. Gallagher claims that this product will work for bears. It will be paired with a Parmak Magnum 12 solar Pak...
  6. Bee Forum
    My son asked to go see the bees, so we hopped on the 4-wheeler and headed back to see them. i noticed 4 of the 8 hives knocked over and frames missing, so i drove off figuring they'd be rather upset. After putting the boy to bed, i returned to stand them back up and found one to be completely...
  7. Bee Forum
    So I left for a new job in Utah and two days later I get a call and my dad sends me a few pictures. Apparently some sort of creature, most likely a bear got into the hive. Luckily it was only one hive. For now we've frozen the comb that is damaged and plan on trying to put that into some...
  8. Bee Forum
    So, here is the story! I kept a brand new 8 frame hive at a friends house this summer. excellent, fertile area with plenty of food and water for the girls. We pulled about 4 gallons of honey so they did very well for themselves. Because the queen had laid brood in one of the supers I left it...
  9. Bee Forum
    I've a question for those who have experience with black bears in the bee yard. Yesterday I did an inspection on a new yard and found my first loss to bear. A nuc was toppled, and the bear tore up some comb, and apparently only sampled 2 frames. Then nuc was broodless as a virgin was recently...
  10. Bee Forum
    My wildlife camera caught a bear mother and her two cubs checking out my hives. So far my "bearproofing" has worked but I will probably have to put some electric up in the fall.
  11. Bee Forum
    Our bees are all gone. We left Ohio with 3 hives; 1 overstuffed 10 frame and 2 - 8 frame hives. By the time we got to Maine the 10 frame had suffocated; it was a terrible mess. The smaller hives seemed to have made it just fine and were set on concrete blocks. We were worried about bears but our...
  12. Bee Forum
    :no: Freakin' bear came to visit tonight. My wife heard on of the hives go over. I ran out with the dog and chased it up a tree. After I got it to slide down and run away, I set up the flashlights and put everything back together. Only one frame was messed up a bit. Finishing up, I leaned...
  13. Bee Forum
    My dad, a master beekeeper, is just beginning his blog on the Sugar network. is a repository of his knowledge and a daily (or bi weekly) peek at the life of Hugh Campbell, a seventy year old beekeeper that's getting his hives ready for the 2009 summer crop. He...
1-13 of 13 Results