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  1. Diseases and Pests
    Does anyone know a beekeeper in the US, Canada, Europe, or anywhere who has been infected with the pandemic coronavirus? There are some possible leads from China that may indicate a level of resistance in people who get stung (occupationally). There needs to be some corroborative information to...
  2. Apitherapy
    Hello! I am selling high quality bee venom and I'm looking for clients! Does anybody know someone who wants to buy pure, high quality bee venom? or can someone tell me where can I find potential clients? Greetings! Thanks!
  3. Apitherapy
    Howdy! I'm a student doing research about apitherapy and I'm seeking advice while conducting my own experiment with bee venom therapy. I'm hoping to get in touch with someone over the phone or via email ([email protected]) that can answer a few questions I have about BVT and collecting...
  4. Apitherapy
    Risk Associated with Bee Venom Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Objective The safety of bee venom as a therapeutic compound has been extensively studied, resulting in the identification of potential adverse events, which range from trivial skin reactions that usually resolve over...
  5. Welcome Forum
    Nice to meet you all! Currently we're down in Costa Rica filming a permaculture design course. In the near future we hope to settle down long enough to start a hive. We've been around beekeeping in a lot of ways for about a decade. We're really into apitherapy lately. Cheers, Chris
  6. Apitherapy
    Hey there, I've been doing loads of research on BVT and can't find an apitherapist in my area. I actually just ordered pure bee venom powder but I'm not sure how I should dilute it. I am not allergic to bees and have been stung many times in my life. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Observation Hive Forum
    I'll be setting up a four frame observation hive in a window frame of a friends house this winter. He's an advocate of apitherapy and will be taking about 20 bees from the hive per day. Big Question: If the hive is being fed and the inside temperature is warm enough, will the hive rear brood...
  8. Apitherapy
    Does anybody have any experience collecting bees during the winter for the purpose of apitherapy? I'd like to set up a 4 frame observation hive indoors (with outdoor entrance) for my friend to collect bees from (approx. 20 bees a day) for his treatment during the long Canadian winter. I've never...
  9. Apitherapy
    So my back finally gave out again. I have a lumbar disc that's bulging and when that sucker grabs the sciatic nerve in my back/leg it's total agony. I've used bees before and decided to try again. While hiving a swarm last week I took 5 workers and 'applied' them to my waistline where the...
  10. Apitherapy
    Great video from Brazil... There is a big Japanese community in Sao Paulo that does some really interesting things between Brazil and Japan.
1-10 of 10 Results